Navigating Around VARStreet

Once you login to VARStreet with your credentials, you can easily navigate around the site easily by using the tabs at the top of the Business Dashboard page.

Pointing to a tab will display the menus related to a tab in the drop-down list.

To access different pages on the website

1.     Point to a tab in the header of the Business Dashboard page.

Menus related to that tab are displayed in a drop-down list. For example: Site Setup is a page under the Admin tab. Company Profile, Users, Business Rules and so on are the sub-pages under Site-Setup.

2.     Example, to open Business Rules page, point to Admin tab and then click Business Rules under Site Setup.


VARStreet Inc.

United States

66 Charles Street (Beacon Hill),

Boston, MA 02114

Phone: 781-262-0610